Caring for families, connecting children.

Your compassion makes the difference.

Provide vital services for children, their families, living in poverty.
Feel good about helping people every day when you became a Guardian Angel.
Build meaningful relationships with the people you are helping.


Child & Family Development

The experiences and teachings children receive during their formative years stay with them throughout their lives. Our goal is to empower young children to achieve their fullest potential by nurturing their cognitive, physical, spiritual, and emotional development. Additionally, we are committed to reinforcing family connections and will equip parents with essential resources to assist in their children’s growth and learning journey.


Uplifting & Nurturing Neglected Children

Every 8 minutes, a child in Texas is subjected to abuse or neglect. In Houston, over 2,000 children find themselves if foster care on any given day due to severe abuse or neglect. The Uplifted Hearts Foundation is committed to training compassionate individuals to support these vulnerable   children. Our aim is to give these children a sense of belonging and advocate for their wellbeing, ensuring they receive the necessary care and emotional support during these challenging times.

Ways to Give


Giving to Save the Children is one of the world’s best investments.

Give Now

Make a donation to ensure children around the world have what every child deserves: a future.

Sponsor a Child

Become someone very special in the life of a child - and you just might find it changes you, too.


Give the most meaningful gift of all - Your Time!

Fundraise Now

Use your skills and talents to raise money for kids in a way that's fun and effective

Become a Volunteer

Develop cooperative, sustainable solutions to help children in poverty. Authors, musicians, and others act as messengers of our mission.